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2019 Newsletters

January 4. Yes, I'm That Person, 2019 W-4, What Do You Do?, Government Shutdown and You, Articles of Interest

January 11. 2019 Plans, Some Notes from Lon Williams, DOT Mandatory Drug Testing Rates for 2019, Minimum Wages Changes, Articles of Interest

January 18. Government Shutdown, An Important SCOTUS Opinion, Updated Governor's Small Business Handbook Released, Overtime Rule On the Move, Articles of Interest

January 25. Handbooks, Annual HR Tasks, EEO-1 Filing Window, Section 7 NLRA, Articles of Interest

February 1. Red-faced, Independent Contractor Status, OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Rule, Civil Penalties for Wage and Hour Violations, EEO-1 Reporting Site on Hold, Articles of Interest.

February 8. Doing Right by Supervisors, OSHA, EEO-1 Reporting, Having Trouble Hiring/Retaining Employees?, E-Verify is Back, Articles of Interest

February 15. Feeling the Love, A Word to the Wise, Compensation Best Practices, Upcoming Training Courses, Articles of Interest

February 22. Great Week, Federal Contractors, Some Philosophy, Upcoming Training Courses, Articles of Interest

March 1. Out of Town, CSAL Announcement Due Soon, Signs of Potential Workplace Violence, Upcoming Training Courses, Articles of Interest

March 8. Life Lessons, Let's Talk ACA, Cost of Domestic Violence, Big News!, Discrimination is Discrimination, Articles of Interest

March 15. Questions?, Upcoming Retirement Plan Deadlines, How Do You Terminate Employment?. Labor Market Heating Up, Articles of Interest

March 22. I Love My Job!, Do's and Don'ts of Audits, Some Interesting DOL Opinions, Be On the Lookout, EEO-1 Pay Data Requirement Back On, ICE Enforcement Up, Articles of Interest

March 29. Celebrating My New Space, News for Federal Contractors, Regular Rate for Overtime, Tuesday is Employee Benefits Day, Articles fo Interest

April 5. "For Real" Safety Culture, Proposed Rule on Regular Rate, New Proposed Rule on Joint Employers, Articles of Interest

April 12. Past Practice and Your Options, Benefits: Cost vs. "Benefits", Receive a No-Match Letter?, Articles of Interest | privacy notice