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Corporate social responsibility

At My HR Department we see ourselves as a vital part of a successful community. We maintain high ethical standards and partner with our clients to help them succeed.

As we grow, we see our company as a vehicle for our employees to grow and develop into better professionals and citizens. We believe in working in an environment of mutual trust and accountability.

Sustainability is important. We look at every opportunity to leverage technology and work design to lessen our impact on the environment. At the same time, we want to ensure the long-term success of the company, our employees, and the economic community in which we work. Wherever possible, we contract with local companies, as long as the quality of the product and service meet our requirements and the supplier operates in an ethical manner.

We also believe it is important to give back to our professional community and to the community in which we operate. We allocate 2 - 5 % of revenue to various projects and programs in the community. The following guidelines govern corporate giving:

  • Monies will be allocated to local programs and projects (local is defined as the area of operations)
  • Contributions will be made to 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(6) organizations or will be directly sponsored by My HR Department
  • The following are our focus areas for contributions: 
    • To give back to the HR profession by sponsoring professional education in the local area.  Examples would be (but not limited to) underwriting/sponsoring programs for the local HR professional association and/or programs on HR-related topics through other organizations such as the Nonprofit Center, the Chamber of Commerce or the Small Business Development Center.
    • To give back to the community by contributions to organizations and programs in the area of workforce development.  Examples would be (but not limited to) workforce readiness resources for local schools, adult literacy and supervisor/manager training.
    • To give back to the business community through an emphasis on corporate responsibility and ethics. Examples are (but not limited to) sponsorship of programs relating to corporate governance, corporate ethics and social responsibility.
    • To give back to the community through contributions to nonpartisan political groups focused on voter education and voter participation. An example would be (but not limited to) underwriting non-partisan candidate forums, voter's guides and programs on specific local issues.
    • To improve community sustainability through contributions in support of environmental education. Examples would be (but not limited to) projects involving education to businesses and organizations on more sustainable business practices, ensuring a more sustainable and healthy food supply and increasing the contact between people and the natural environment.

For information on applying for sponsorship/donations, email

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