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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MY HR DEPARTMENT charge for services?

For our Business Process Outsourcing arrangment, pricing is completely customized, depending upon the size and type of company you are, the services you want us to do for you, and the accessiblity and responsiveness you require (a 24/7 agreement is more expensive than a regular-business-day agreement, for example.) Call us to discuss your needs at 940-867-9761.

If the agreement is for consulting services, you have multiple options.

In most cases, charges are per-project based upon the Statement of Work (SOW) agreed upon. We believe this makes clients more confident as there are no unexpected charges. Of course, if additional requirements are added after an agreement is reached, there will be additional charges, but a well-thought-out SOW can preclude most of these situations.

However, we recognize that some work is best approached on a per-hour basis and in that case, a per-hour charge will be applied.

There are some cases in which a day rate makes sense, especially on a multiple day assignment. Day rates depend upon location, duration and expenses.

We also provide the option for retained services for companies who want to have a regular, monthly amount for budgeting purposes to cover routine questions and certain regular, recurring tasks (like annual handbook, job description reviews) agreed to. This agreement is less expensive per hour in many cases.

We will provide options--in the end, the client makes the choice of what works best for them.

Does My HR Department offer discounts?

We offer 501(c)(3) and (6) a 15% discount on outsourced services.

Those same organizations receive a 25% discount on most single-project consulting services.

How fast will MY HR Department complete the work agreed?

It depends upon the complexity of the task and other work already agreed to. However, the timeline will be agreed to as part of the Statement of Work, so the client will know when the work will be completed.


Billing is done of the first of the month. For outsourcing clients, work is billed in advance. For consulting projects, billing will be as agreed. Generally, at the end of the project, depending upon the scope of the project and the length of the timeline.


Yes, we can make those arrangements.

What is the difference between "outsourcing" and "consulting?"

Outsourcing is contracting out a service a company decides it no longer wishes to do. Company management may be trying to reduce costs, get a better outcome, or focus on their core business and therefore, get rid of some largely administrative tasks. For example, a company may decide rather than deal with recruitment, they would rather hire a company to do all of the actions involved with recruitment and pay for the service. Outsourcing is a long-term relationship.

In a consulting arrangement, the company is paying for expertise it doesn't have on a temporary basis to support a specific goal. For example, the company may feel its benefits program doesn't meet the needs of the company as a recruitment and retention tool or may be too expensive to support with company resources available. My HR Departmenr can provide expertise to design and negotiate a better mix of benefits for the employer. Generally, this would be a short-term assignment, although there may be situations where a long term arrangement is called for. | privacy notice